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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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Why? I favor iPods chiefly because Microsoft's version of an MP3 player is always 2 years behind what Apple has going on and there are three sizable reasons not to buy a Zune. It lacks the features of any present day iPod. The current Zune basically has the features that iPod did 2 years ago.

AND they lack the user base, and character of the iPod.

On top of all of that, there have been problems getting the Zune software to work Microsoft's own Vista operating system. (who do we blame for that, the Microsoft operating system division or the Microsoft MP3 player/entertainment division?)


1) They only allow three friends to share your music files instead of the 5 Apple lets, (though MS advertised the Zune as able to give music for free, permanently to anyone wirelessly.... deliberate false advertising). It seems this "wirelessly send a song to a friend" was some type of advertising come-on by Microsoft.
Apple lets you share a purchased song among 5 authorized systems... Microsoft just 3.

2) Though you carry 6000 songs with you that you already know you like.... Microsoft also has you schlep around an FM radio around with you too.

3) Many things that are repairable in an iPod are permanently soldered down to the logic board on a Zune. For instance, if you drop the ZUNE with the earbuds plugged in it lands on the earbud plug driving it into the device. It will knock out the left side hearing permanently. That headphone jack on the Zune is soldered down to the logic board and NOT replaceable and obligates you to buy a completely new Zune player. In the iPod doing the same things knocks out the right side hearing permanently but the part is replaceable. I charge $28 for the part and $40 labor/return shipping.

Both iPods and Zunes use the same hard drives and batteries so the pricing for those and labor is the same. But the iPod is really a much more repairable device with a lower longterm cost of ownership.

There is a good reason that iPods reached the top of commercial acceptance in this realm. It really is better.

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