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These are a few my recent iPod repair experiences.

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Amy Harrington lives here in Santa Rosa (95403) and called about her Touch 3rd Gen that had cracked upper glass.

This repair is $64 in total and I had it done over the course of a lunch break.

I got a call from Louis Rand Mayer in Carmichael California (95608).

He put his iPhone 3GS through the washing machine and it was now completely un-responsive. He actually works as a headhunter in Shanghai and his phone had been jail broken and unlocked so it would work with China Mobile while in the orient. Like most of the people I hear from, he hadn't sync'd his phone lately so the "new" information on it was cardinal in the repair. I gave instructions on how to send it in and how I work. I got this message back later that day,

"I am the guy who lives in Shanghai with the iPhone that went through a full cycle through the washing machine...

I sent my phone to you via Fedex today: it should arrive c. 3:00pm tomorrow.

Have a great New Year!"

This one had some pretty serious damage but I was able to get it to work again. I had to replace the LCD screen which was filled with trapped water. That part was $45 bringing the save to $105

Yes, I was able to get and keep all of files on it *and* the JB and un-lock held through the process. It was as good an outcome as anyone could hope for.

The total cost for this repair - $105

Adan Sprague called from here in Santa Rosa California. He had put his wife iPhone through a complete run of the washing machine the night earlier and wondered if I might be able to pull of the type of miracles people have gotten used to from me.

I had him bring it over and leave it over night with my $60 fee. The critical aspect of this task was the photos on the phone had not been sync'd to any computer at all ever. They been using the phone for image acquisition and display without ever thinking the phone would have a mishap.

My noon the next day I had it working again perfectly with all of the photos intact.

I had to replace the LCD because it was filled with water in the layers. The parts was $45 and he covered that when he came to pick it up.

The LCD was $45 and labor/return shipping was $60

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I'm in Sonoma County... Northern California wine country.

If you live nearby, are traveling through or live in the San Francisco Bay Area bring your iPod to me and I can do the work while you wait or go wine tasting for a while. Send me an email just to make sure I have on hand whatever parts your repair will require.

Call or email me with questions or to set up a repair. You can also call, I am here most days from 8am to 8pm
Toll Free 1-877-IPOD-PRO (1 - 877 - 476-3776)

Send the device to:
    Frank Walburg
    2145 Service Court
    Santa Rosa, Ca 95403-3139
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