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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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Click Wheel Problems?

Your Click wheel isn't revolving through a range of choices.
Every model of 4th generation iPods (which are, the 4th Gen 20, 30 or 40GB models, BOTH the first and second generation Mini iPods, the iPod Photo model with the color screen and all the "U2" models) is capable of having its click wheel seem to stop working.

The scroll wheel on the fourth and fifth generation iPods actually use two type of switching to make your menu selections. They mimic the Jog/Shuttle control used first in professional video tape editors. How they work:
  1. They use 5 push button styled, Single Pole Single Throw switches. Four are at the compass points.. the Menu, the Forward, the Backward, the Play. The fifth is the center Selection button in the middle makes the fifth.
  2. There are a series of 'body capacitance switches' or sensors below the ring these body capacitance detectors actually sense stored electrical energy in our body and as your finger sweeps around the dial it senses, the motion... clockwise or counter-clockwise movement... and the velocity of the finger movement by determining how long it takes your finger to reach the next "capacitance pad" in the sequence around the dial. There are four of these between each of the compass point switches that evaluate your finger movement.
At some point, for many 4th gen iPods, the scroll wheel stops "revolving". Sometimes you get a choice of maybe two lines in the menu. It bounces back and forth between the top two lines.

This is frustrating for the user be entirely FIXABLE! Do Not trade your iPod because the scroll wheel is not working. Usually the scroll wheel isn't the problem and selling your $400 iPod to Apple for $25 in trade on a new is a real waste

In about 85% of the time it can be corrected through software techniques for my standard $40 labor fee only. The iPod internal operating system has lost its ability to interpret the signals it's receiving.

In some cases, the iPod isn't receiving the signals from the scroll wheel and the scroll assembly needs to be replaced. Again this is true in about 15% of the time.

Scroll Wheels prices are here.

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