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Call toll free!!     1-877-476-3776

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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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LCD Got Broken

People break their LCD in a number of ways. Frankly some iPods are prone to easy screen breakage. The 1st Generation iPod Nano had long slender case that was about 3/16" tall. Its case was very prone to flexing while the LCD inside wasn't. They are a fairly frequent replacement. That's also why Apple chose to make the 2nd generation Nano with a one piece extruded aluminum outer case. The 2nd Gen Nano is near indestructible. The 3rd and 4th Generation Nano models have been similarly rugged

First, let's mention something, the labor rate I charge is the same. If I open up your iPod I'll do all the things you need to have done to it, all at the same time, for *ONE* labor rate of $40. If you want the LCD replaced and a battery installed... that's just one labor rate of $40.

PLUS from that same $40 I also pay the shipping back to you. Other places charge $8 to $38 for shipping back to you, it's included here... but it is just surface delivery.

Pricing to replace a broken LCD screen

ModelPart costLaborTotal price
includes shipping back to you
iPod Touch 2nd Generation, 8GB, 16GB & 32GB color $43$60$103
iPod Touch 2nd Gen Digitizer/upper glass for 8GB, 16GB & 32GB model $39 (there is a design patent on the plastic bezel and the upper glas is epoxied to that plastic piece. It is impossible to remove the upper glass from your bezel without destroying it. Therefore the entire assembly has to be replaced. There aren't even Chinese counterfeits. It has to be the complete Apple part and is pricey)$60$99
iPod Touch 1st Generation, 8GB, 16GB & 32GB color $28$60$88
iPod Touch 1st Gen Digitizer/upper glass for 8GB, 16GB & 32GB model $27$60$87
Classic iPod Video 6th Generation, 80GB & 120GB iPod color $33$40$73
iPod Video 5th Generation, 30GB, 60GB & 80GB iPod color $23$40$63
Zune 80/120, 2nd Gen - 80GB, 120GB color $50$40$90
Zune 30, 1st Gen - 30GB color $53$40$93
Nano iPod 4th Generation, 8GB and 16GB$33 $40$73
Nano iPod 3rd Generation$22 $40$62
Nano iPod 2nd Generation$10 $40$50
Zune 4/8/16 - 4GB, 8GB or 16GB$27 $40$67
iPod 4th Gen with Black and White screen$0$40$40
Photo iPod 4th Gen with color screen$12 *working pull$40$52
Mini iPod 1st Generation$0$40$40
Mini iPod 2nd Generation$0$40$40

*working pull is a working screen taken from another Photo iPod. There have never been many or near enough of these screens as new after market replacements. They are becoming rarer every day and there may be a waiting list for them at any given moment.

Call 707-544-4400


email me at with questions or to set up a repair.


Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm, and Saturday & Sunday noon to 6pm.

I'm in Sonoma County... Northern California wine country,

    Frank Walburg
    Service Court
    Santa Rosa, Ca 95403-3139

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