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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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Click Wheel Replacement

If you read about the scroll wheel problem that occurs with many 4th generation iPods (see here you know they are subject to problems. Most of those problems are correctable using software and operating system techniques without having to replace the Clickwheel or Scroll Wheel assembly. In those cases, (which are about 85% of the time) I can get your iPod running again for just my standard $40 labor rate.

In about 15% percent of the cases, the Click Wheel needs to be replaced. Remember this is only on the 4th Generation iPods (including Mini iPods).

Though mechanically, all these operate the same, how some of the models connect the logic board to the Click Wheel is different. { The 5th & 6th (now called Classic in the 6th G case) Generation Video iPod have a scroll wheel controller ribbon and the scroll processor basically glued down to the logic board *and* the aluminum chassis making replacement more difficult. Let's be honest about this, Apple makes it more and more difficult for someone like me to get into each new generation of iPods and effect repairs> I believe the reason is they would prefer to make and sell new ones rather have a third party repair them and diminish their revenue.}

If software techniques don't work, and you need to have your Click Wheel replaced, these is the costs involved.

The labor charge includes several things. It includes:
  1. Data Recovery - backing up all your data, music and video files in case you don't still have them and placing them back on the iPod when finished
  2. Performing a series of software tricks and techniques to make the Click Wheel respond without replacement.
  3. opening up your ipod and taking all the parts away from your present Click Wheel, removing it, installing a new one, and putting your iPod back together.
  4. moving your files back to the iPod if needed
  5. Shipping your finished iPod back to you
The Click Wheels I sell are all "working pulls". They have been salvaged and tested as working perfectly from a less fortunate cadaver donor iPod for transplant into your iPod.

We are also including the clickwheel assembly on the Nano generation 1 here, though it's is a 5 generation model and doesn't have the same 4th generation problems.

ModelClick Wheel Part costLabor Total price
includes shipping back to you
6th Generation Video iPod - 80GB, 120GB or 160GB
(these have a much higher failure rate than 5th Gens)
5th Generation Video iPod - 30GB, 60GB or 80GB$16$40$62
Nano iPod 3rd Generation$15 (this is the epoxy painted machined front aluminum faceplate *and* scroll wheel. Apple epoxies the scroll wheel into the machined faceplate so both parts must be replaced at the same time.)$40$55
Nano iPod 2nd Generation$35 (this is the outer housing *and* scroll wheel. Apple epoxies the scroll wheel into the extruded aluminum outer shell or housing so both parts must be replaced at the same time.)$40$75
Nano iPod 1st Generation$10$40$50
iPod 4th Gen with Black and White screen$20$40$60
iPod 4th Gen 'U2' models$20$40$60
Photo iPod 4th Gen with color screen$20$40$60
Mini iPod 1st Generation$10$40$50
Mini iPod 2nd Generation$10$40$50

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