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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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Add a folder to your iTunes Library - Macintosh User

Okay, you've gone to your friends house and you've followed my instructions on how to copy their ENTIRE iTunes Library to bring it home with you. Remember, if you've followed my suggestion you will have formatted your iPod to be an MS-DOS file system which will allow you copy the iTunes library of both your Macintosh and windows using friends.

In my instructions you copied your friends iTunes Library into a folder on your iPod that we titled "add_to_library". By calling it that and using that folder only for all non-added to your library music we establish a convention for file handling. When you get home if there are any files in the folder, then add them to your Library. We will delete all the files once they have been added.

You are a Mac user. You bring your iPod home and you cable it to your Mac. The iPod will mount on the desktop as an external drive in the lower right corner. It will look something this.

Double click on the iPod icon on the desktop to open it and you will see something like this.

We want to verify there is a directory there to add to our iTunes Library and that its called "add_to_library". Before we add it our library permanently, we need to make sure of a couple of things. We want to set our preferences so iTunes will make a copy of the song into our library and we want to make sure we are not adding any protected files (they will need the buyers email address and password to authorize their play on your system - a hassle at the least).

Let's set your Mac iTunes preferences so they are right for "robust" iTunes use. These preferences steps you need to do just once to your system and they will be maintained permanently.

Setting 'Robust' Preferences
Change Import Options
Check for Protected Files
Add Their File to Your iTunes Library

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