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Call toll free!!      1-877-iPod-Pro
Call toll free!!      1-877-IPOD-PRO

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Reset Your iPod

This process will not affect the files (music, video, photos) you have on your iPod. They will not be lost by resetting your iPod.

iPods are hand held computers.

There are more than a few reasons why they may 'freeze' and stop running. If you're a Windows user, you're familiar with the problem. If you're a Mac user, the reason you never see a frozen screen is... the Mac operating system, OSX is a Unix Operating System and a much better operating system than Windows can be on its best day.

In the future iPods will run using OSX also.

Sometimes an iPod will stop running or the click wheel may not work. Apple has built into an iPod a "hard Reset" function using two of the push buttons on the scroll wheel.

To Hard Reset your iPod press the center "Select" button *and* the upper "Menu" button down together at the same time.

Reset iPod

They have to both be pressed at the same moment and held down together for 7 seconds.

Reset iPod

Once you've done this correctly, the screen will go dark, then then you'll see a White Apple logo appear on a Black screen, which will turn into a Black Apple logo on a white screen.

Reset iPod

Then a few moments later the Apple will disappear and you will get your color menu back on the screen.

Reset iPod

Your iPod will now work correctly. Use your scroll wheel to navigate back to the song or video you had been playing.

This technique works to reset every iPod made and sold since 2003. It will work for yours unless there is something really, really wrong with it.... in which case call me to schedule a repair.

Call 707-544-4400


email me at with questions or to set up a repair.


Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm, and Saturday & Sunday noon to 6pm.

I'm in Sonoma County... Northern California wine country,

    Frank Walburg
    2145 Service Court
    Santa Rosa, Ca 95403-3139

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